Product Categories: Cutting Oil and Grining Oil.

Roto Cool

ROTO COOL is an environment friendly, long life water soluble cutting oil. ROTO COOL is suitable for all machinery and grinding operation on all ferrous, non ferrous, mild steel and aluminium. ROTO COOL is formulated with refined naphthenic base oil, emulsifier, corrosion inhibitors and anti bacterial.

Direction for Use:

  • ROTO COOL should be diluted with water in the range of 11:1 to 55:1 depending on the operation, work piece material, and water hardness.
  • Always add water in oil.
  • Never add product directly to the machine sump. Must be add in emulsion form.
  • Always clean the tank thoroughly before fresh charge of emulsion.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduced loading on the machine parts.
  • Reduced machine down time.
  • Reduced labour cost & maintenance cost.
  • Provide better lubricity.
  • Pleasant smell.


Characteristics Metal Capability Operation Concentration
Appearance Clear liquid Ferrous Yes Drilling 1:15
Odour Pleasant smell Aluminium Yes Broaching 1:10
Density 0.87(+- 0.01) Copper Yes Tapping 1:10
Viscosity 27 SEC Mild steel Yes Turning 1:25
Emulsion Milky white Stainless,steel Yes
Ph 8-9
Oil content 70% minimum